Eating Organic cheap

7 Tips For Eating Organic cheap


Eating organic: everyone seems to be in favor of getting started. But very quickly, people retort: ​​it’s too expensive! Yes, it’s true, choosing to eat organic products is generally more expensive . But is that a reason to say to yourself: “too bad for my health and that of my family, I can’t afford it”? Well, I say no! So how? Summary Fortunately, there are tips for eating organic without breaking the bank. It is above all a question of will: dare to eat differently and adapt! All you need to do is change your daily habits slightly.

Here are 7 tips so that organic is no longer a luxury ! 

  1. Buy as much as possible in bulk The majority of organic stores offer products in bulk . Make a habit of looking for your products in this department first! And don’t tell me you’ve never seen those rays! Sugar, lentils, rice, dried fruits… all are available.
  2. And the tariff is quite acceptable in bulk. Sometimes up to half the price of the same packaged product. With this trick, certain products such as pasta, rice and semolina can be cheaper in organic than classic products! And bonus for the environment: unnecessary packaging is avoided.
  3. Eat less meat Meat, we do n’t need it every day to be in great shape. If you consume poor quality it every day, the opposite effect will even occur. Choose quality over quantity! Learn to cook legumes (lentils, chickpeas…) because they are rich in iron. Imagine the savings you will make! To discover: The 15 Foods RICHEST in Vegetable Proteins. 3. How do you crave tomatoes in winter? Tomatoes in winter? Lets go ! Have you tasted them at least? If you find them good, it means you are lying or you have no taste!
  4. If you eat tomatoes or summer fruits and vegetables in winter, you will pay a fortune for them and in addition they will be full of pesticides! Products sold out of season are expensive because they have to be grown with heavy fertilizers and imported. Nothing very ecological or very economical in all that! Did you know that there are also plenty of delicious vegetables in winter ? Cabbage, carrots, leeks, broccoli, turnips, onions, squash, beets…etc. All these vegetables are harvested in winter and keep very well. Here is the list of vegetables and fruits by month. Do not hesitate to go to the market to the small producers.
  5. You will be sure that their products are in season. And we must also learn to “save” the summer! How ? By stocking up in jars and freezing summer vegetables or fruits. Finally, you can eat dried fruits in winter. They will perfectly fill your “gaps”. To discover: 27 Things You Can Freeze To Save Time and Money!
  6. Buy ONLY what you need! Buy ONLY what you need . Don’t buy because it’s on sale! Don’t shop because you’re starving because you’re shopping right before you eat ! Don’t buy because you will eventually need it one day! Do not buy these cakes out of greed or these two packs of milk on sale.
  7. You know very well that you will not finish them before the expiry date! Clearly, stop being fooled by the consumer society. Going organic without breaking the bank is a choice, it’s a will. Have this willpower when shopping. And don’t listen to the siren song of the consumer society. 5. Stop overeating In our societies, as a general rule, we eat too much. The consequences on our health are clear: obesity, cholesterol, certain types of diabetes… Of course, we are tempted on all sides! It doesn’t make the job any easier! And then, we agree that steamed vegetables are fine for 5 minutes 😉 Ah, if only super demanding diets made us lose weight as much as they demotivated us! So, to fight against the effects of overeating , isn’t it time to reduce what you put on your plate? We don’t tell you to
  8. eat only 3 peas overnight, huh! Simply put a spoonful less of the garnish on your plate to start. You will see, you will feel much healthier. To discover: For Men: Our Mini-Guide To Lose Weight EASILY. 6. Cook a little more Want to eat well
  9. , but don’t feel like cooking? You should know what you want! If eating is one of the fundamental pillars of life, cooking must be too. We are made to believe that we can eat without cooking. Mistake ! Without becoming a real cordon bleu in a few days, you can cook a lot of simple and tasty dishes. And then, let’s be honest,
  10. have you calculated your expenses for McDonalds, pizzas, snacks, ready meals in a month? It’s scary, huh? So, cook yourself ! Not only will it be more economical, but you can also season according to your true tastes
  11. . And if you make more, freeze the leftovers.

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