Gym: finding motivation and funding


Before embarking on sessions to improve your physical condition by joining a gym, it is important to give yourself the means to do so. The most important thing for successful training and making a profitable gym membership is to stay motivated. First define what your expectations are before playing sports. Do you want to have a toned body? Are you looking to develop your muscles? All the reasons are good to integrate a gym. Locate now the parts of the body or the skills you want to improve during your sports sessions, such as:

From cardio training to abs and glutes, you have many possibilities and it’s up to you to choose what to work on. Defining the area to work on will give you motivation and the desire to surpass yourself or to do high-intensity sports. However, motivation is not the only criterion to be taken into account. Indeed, you are going to need financing for your gym memberships . This represents a significant budget and you must therefore ensure beforehand that you have the necessary resources to pay a monthly or annual subscription. However, if you are motivated and give yourself the means to go to the gym several times a week, your expense will quicklyprofitable . Achieving your physical goals requires sacrificing some of your resources, it’s a fact, but know that it will be much more effective than playing sports at home for free or going for a run outside. In sum, we strongly advise you to sign up for a gym after you have organized your finances to pay for it. You will be able to establish a rigorous schedule that will keep you motivated and the results will be rapid if you give your all. You can also take group sports lessons, especially with Superprof! Discover all our Angers sports coaches .

What are the low-cost gyms?

Even less expensive gyms allow you to benefit from all the necessary equipment to build muscle, slim down or lose weight!

In general, gym memberships are quite expensive and it is often thought that it is better to put this money in more useful things than gym classes such as daily expenses or vacations. But to have a summer body, you have to go through it. Fortunately, there are several cheaper options for joining a gym. Many clubs offer you more attractive rates for training, with services that are sometimes just as important as a more expensive gym. The average price for subscriptions to a low-cost gym in France is around €30per month, which is an extremely interesting price that can satisfy all budgets. They benefit from all the necessary infrastructures such as a cardio area, a weight training area and a relaxation area. Among these accessible gyms, you can find Keep Cool , Neoness , Basic Fit or even Fitness Park . We recommend the latter in particular, which has all the machines and equipment necessary for doing sports in perfect conditions. Take this example. After paying the €49 registration fee, you will pay almost €20 for the first month, then around €30 per month for the following months. However, this requires a commitment12 months minimum,

In more luxurious sports halls, you will have access to swimming pools, saunas or hammams to combine effort with pleasure!

Paying a cheap gym is a good opportunity to save money. However, it is also depriving oneself of services that can sometimes seem essential. There are several significant benefits of a more expensive gym than a Basic Fit or Fitness Park. In a more expensive gym, you will be entitled to a personalized follow -up which will avoid you many risks of injuries and cardiovascular accidents,

How much does a gym membership cost?

You will also be able to pay for additional services or they may be included in the price of the subscription so be sure to check!

Is it better to pay more for better tracking or save money and train on your own?

This is the big question to ask when choosing your gym. In any case, you know that you have unlimited access to efficient and maintained machines thanks to your subscription. However, not all rooms offer the same amount of equipment or the same services. Obviously, you will find a latest generation treadmill in a gym which will cost you 60 € per month, but each fitness club, even the cheapest ones, offers you, with very practical equipment, to improve yourself by strength training, cardio strength training and to tone your body. Compare the prices gyms is therefore an essential step before committing to a particular fitness club. You will quickly realize that the new subscription offers are those of low-cost rooms, around 30 € and even less, per month. In this case, you will need to compare the opinions of these different gyms. Even in a low-cost gym, you can use the machines by relying on the instructions displayed without the need for a coach, this is particularly the case at Fitness Park. It’s up to you to make your choice and we hope the right one. Also take into account the distance between the gym and your home: this can also lead to expenses, sometimes unnecessary. Finally, here is a comparative table of the standard subscription offers of the main sports halls in France by month: