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Hypnosis for weight loss: how does it work and for what results?


Repeated diets, compulsive snacking, yo-yo effect, frustrations… Losing weight permanently is for many a real obstacle course. Good news: hypnosis for weight loss is a gentle but powerful alternative therapy to (re)find your ideal weight. The secret of hypnosis to lose weight? A trip to the heart of your subconscious that will profoundly modify your automatic habits and bad eating habits… without any effort required!

  • Hypnosis and weight loss: a gentle and effective therapeutic approach
  • Hypnosis for overweight and stress
  • Sustainable weight loss with hypnosis: a profound change in bad eating habits
  • How does a hypnosis session to lose weight take place and for what effectiveness?
  • Hypnosis for weight loss: opinions and testimonials
  • Hypnosis and weight loss: a gentle and effective therapeutic approach

lose weight with hypnosis because it plunges into a second and modified state of consciousness, hypnosis is a particularly interesting approach in case of overweight . The idea? Allow you to access your subconscious to reprogram it and allow you to find an ideal body.

By dint of repeated diets that do not give lasting results, frustration sets in and we often end up getting discouraged and giving up.

Hypnosis for weight loss is a therapeutic method (hypnotherapy), called Ericksonian. It should not be confused with “show” hypnosis during which the practitioner takes control of his subject. The hypnotherapist is there to guide you gently and help you better understand where the eating behaviors at the origin of your weight gain come from. Through this serene journey to the heart of your subconscious, you profoundly modify certain conditionings and bad eating habits.

Alternative medicine par excellence, hypnosis for weight loss is a powerful tool that will allow you to (re)take control and regain your ideal weight for a long time and without frustration! Indeed, as with sophrology, hypnosis will allow to increase the potential of the person, by changing his negative behavior and by transposing new behaviors.

Hypnosis for overweight and stress

From a scientific point of view, several studies have shown the effectiveness of hypnosis on a number of disorders:

Lose weight with hypnosis This gentle therapeutic approach has proven itself, both in terms of physical health and psycho-emotional balance. Often, the eating behaviors that promote weight gain are a matter of stress and emotional management. We even talk about “emotional kilos”.

Moreover, when you are going through a particularly stressful period, two major trends emerge: loss of appetite or, conversely, the need to consume high-calorie foods rich in sugars and fats.

Because it allows this modified state of consciousness and promotes letting go, hypnosis for weight loss gives real results and helps to better manage stress-related overweight. In particular, it helps to:

  • Regain the upper hand when temptation is present
  • Hunt complexes and regain self-confidence
  • Strengthen your mind and motivation
  • Sustainable weight loss with hypnosis: a profound change in bad eating habits

Of course, losing weight necessarily implies questioning your eating habits. Since we have to go through this, it is legitimate to wonder how hypnosis for weight loss actually triggers these changes in perception. During the session, the therapist plunges his patient into a very deep state of relaxation. His goal ? Encourage him to access his subconscious and certain automatisms/conditioning at the origin of his bad eating habits . It is, for example, to suggest to his subconscious that high-calorie foods are not the only ones to do him good.

Losing weight through hypnosis therefore meets the expectations of those who seek to lose weight on a long-term basis… without going through the frustration box! This method of hypnosis can also be used in addition to a slimming program.

How does a hypnosis session to lose weight take place and for what effectiveness?

Does the idea of ​​losing weight with hypnosis arouse your curiosity? Because we all have in mind the very spectacular show hypnosis, we very often associate this practice with a total loss of control for the hypnotized person.

Delivered by a qualified hypnotherapist, a hypnosis session to lose weight lasts 1 hour and leaves you completely free of your movements and thoughts. First stage ? An essential exchange that will allow your practitioner to identify your problem and to personalize this hypnotherapy session to lose weight.

Through relaxation techniques, your therapist guides you into a deep state of letting go. This hypnotic state, known as second and modified state, will then allow you to gently access your unconscious and the conditioning responsible for your weight gain.

If the practitioner’s voice and expertise accompany you throughout the session, you are the one who walks to the heart of your subconscious and is an

After a session, the new behaviors register in the subconscious and it becomes easier and more natural not to crack, to no longer give in to your food impulses and to turn to healthy food.

Since a session of hypnosis to lose weight works on the bottom of the problem, the new automatisms settle on the long term.

How does hypnosis work for weight loss? How many pounds will I lose? Is hypnosis effective for everyone? How quickly will I get results? Can my overweight problem be solved with hypnosis? When one is interested in an alternative therapy, it is quite normal to ask questions.

To form your own opinion, do not hesitate to read the opinions and testimonials of people who have undergone hypnosis therapy to put an end to overweight. They confide in their approach, their experience and above all… their success!