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A hair salon at home!


Our hair is very important to us, we pamper it and we can maintain it perfectly without necessarily having to go to a hair salon. Doing your own hair has even become a trend! Being able to go without a hair salon gives you the freedom to express your own style and have your hairstyle take on exactly the look you want. So, how to do your hairstyle at home? What advantages? What equipment will you need to gather?

The pleasure of doing your hair freely without going through a salon

The first advantage of doing your own hair is economic. By freeing yourself from a hair dressing salon, you will save money and also time. As long as you show a little creativity and provided of course that you master the basics of haircuts as well as the different methods to maintain them carefully, you can adopt an easy hairstyle from home. Today, in fact, you can more and more easily access tips online or go to YouTube to find some fairly simple tutorials to practice. You will not only discover tips for taking good care of your hair, but also learn how to pamper it properly and through very simple tips.

Taking care of your hair yourself also offers a certain pleasure, even a certain freedom. Nobody will force you to adopt a hair style that does not suit you. You will have the opportunity to create your own style and change your look whenever you want. You can also apply to your hair the cut of your choice and the same for the products that you consider essential to maintain the health of your hair and that of your scalp.

Finally, you can choose the maintenance products that you apply to your hair yourself and no longer have to resort to dangerous chemicals in the long term. You will find many tutorials to make your own colors, natural shampoos, and straightening products for your hair.

In addition, having a hair salon at home is practical for some people who live with the elderly or people with reduced mobility. This will save you all the constraints associated with moving. If you have children, hairdressing at home may also prove to be a good solution.

The different products and hairdressing accessories essential to have at home

You dream of having your own hairdressing salon at home, but do not yet know exactly what products and what types of accessories you will need. First of all, note that before investing in hairdressing accessories, you must also carefully select the essential care products to maintain your hair as it should. The choice of suitable care must above all respect the requirements of your hair depending on whether it is dry, brittle, greasy or prone to dandruff.

The devices to acquire to do your own hairstyle at home can be numerous. There are really no limits to creativity except a question of budget. In addition to traditional brushes, combs, and hairdressing scissors, here is a list of important appliances that absolutely must be part of your home hairdressing set.

The hair dryer : it helps to tone fragile hair and restore stubborn hair. It is also used to refine your hairstyle and give it more shine. The hair dryer is essential and will save you a lot of time every day and especially when you sculpt your hairstyle.

The curling iron : as essential as the straightener, the styling iron, the Steampod, or the blowing and styling brushes, this instrument really contributes to affirming your hair style by creating interesting visual effects and giving volume to your hair. hairdressing.

The hair straightener : as its name suggests, this device will straighten your hair and also give it shine. It is a very popular tool in home hairdressing because it allows you to easily constrain the hair without damaging it and gives you great creative freedom in choosing your hair style.

The styling brush : suitable for almost all hair types, it will always be of great help to you whether it is to maintain your hair or to style it. It is one of the basic devices that must be chosen carefully without compromising on quality.

Practical guide to choosing the equipment to do your hair at home

You will have to take into account above all its maneuverability, but also its power and temperature. The ideal is to choose a device with multiple settings to find the temperature that you can withstand and that is necessary to protect your hair. There’s no point choosing brushes that are too powerful if you can’t tone down their strength.

Here too, maneuverability is essential, but a blower brush should also be light enough not to tire you when you use it for a long time. In terms of technology, do not hesitate to choose an ionic brush which will avoid the annoying effects of static electricity.

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