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Equipment to take care of your teeth


Let’s not forget that our mouth, the main entry point for any organism, remains the most vulnerable part of our body and that our oral health can therefore seriously affect that of all our organs. By adopting a few good gestures on a daily basis and using the appropriate accessories (toothbrush, dental floss, water flosser, etc.), it is easy to take good care of your teeth with the support and good advice of a qualified dentist.

The need to maintain good dental hygiene on a daily basis

Many people ignore or neglect it, yet unhealthy teeth can harm our body, even weaken our immune system. Hence the need to wash your mouth every day, at least three times before and after brushing your teeth. This will eliminate bad breath and will also fight germs.

Brushing your teeth on a daily basis is certainly a question of hygiene, but it will also allow you to take care of the aesthetics of your teeth, in addition to strengthening their protection and avoiding the risk of oral infection. The choice of a toothbrush and that of a toothpaste will then take into account the nature of our teeth, their particularities and their requirements, knowing that some people have much more fragile teeth than others.

Taking good care of your teeth on a daily basis will save you too many dental appointments and save you a lot of dental costs in the long run.

The different equipment to maintain your teeth

Taking good care of your teeth starts with a few good gestures which will consist in choosing the right accessories and dental products:


It starts with choosing the right toothpaste. Indeed, as banal as it may seem, each type of teeth has its own needs and a toothpaste compatible with a particular type of teeth might not be suitable for others. To maintain perfect teeth, we will for example need a whitening toothpaste, while to fight cavities, we will rather turn to toothpastes sufficiently rich in fluoride.

Electric or manual toothbrush

In the choice of a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, it will also be necessary to favor a shape which will adapt precisely to the morphology of your teeth. Whether it is a manual or electric toothbrush, it is recommended to opt for one with long and fine bristles to avoid the risk of injury to the gums. These types of toothbrushes respect your gums better and help you remove plaque more effectively. When buying an electric toothbrush for children, it will also be wiser to favor brushes with soft bristles and a small head to adapt to their mouth.

Dental water flosser

Using toothpaste and brushing your teeth are not enough to guarantee better dental hygiene and remove food residue. Of course, one could choose to use a dental floss to remove them, but the dental jet remains much more effective and less aggressive for the teeth. This treatment will also serve to strengthen the gums and promote blood circulation in these extremely sensitive areas. The solution also has the advantage of being suitable for even the most fragile teeth and therefore does not represent the slightest risk for our dental health in general.

To do this, before and after brushing your teeth, oral care can be optimized by using a dental water flosser. Concretely, this type of treatment will allow you to eradicate dental plaque and prevent the risk of dental diseases linked to cavities, gingivitis, tartar… deep inside the mouth while taking care not to attack the gums. An Oral B water flosser will be used effectively, for example, to eliminate all food residues and to pleasantly massage the gums after each brushing. The combination of a hydro jet with a toothbrush will thus make it possible to care for the teeth and clean the inside of the mouth in depth.

The dental handset

To give your teeth the best care, it is necessary to choose the right dental handset solution. Bringing together two solutions in one, a handset intended to improve dental hygiene most generally consists of a jet to clean the teeth and an electric brush specially designed to maintain your teeth on a daily basis. The advantage of using a dental handset instead of buying your accessories separately remains above all economic. From a practical point of view, it will also allow you to save time insofar as all the appliances and accessories essential to your oral hygiene are grouped together in a single kit.

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